Visionary Wild Workshops, Death Valley

Workshop Status: Subject to Pandemic conditions
Date: March 01, 2021—March 05, 2021
Instructor(s): Tillman Crane and Charles Cramer
Location: Death Valley National Park, California

At first glance, the largest National Park in the Lower 48 appears to be nothing more than a stark and desolate wasteland, desiccated by sun and wind in the rain shadow of the High Sierra and the Panamint Range. Depite its reputation as a land of extremes – the driest place in the United States, the lowest elevation in North America, and the hottest place on Earth – the careful observer will find Death Valley to be a place of elegant and haunting beauty.

We will photograph at a variety of locations in the park during our morning and evening field sessions, with emphasis on the dunes, salt formations, water courses, and sculpted designs in the canyons. At this time of year, the days are comfortable and the nights are cool, and the weather can bring anything from sunny bluebird skies to dramatic boiling storm clouds. Death Valley always serves up surprises, which is one reason we like to return time and time again. If a wet winter precedes the workshop, blankets of golden and purple wildflowers may cover the hills and alluvial fans along the edges of the valley.

The workshop includes eight field sessions, classroom lectures and ample hands-on instruction and critiques. Group meals provide an informal setting to socialize and address specific interests that may not be covered during lectures and classroom discussion.

The class size is limited to a small group of ten to ensure that everyone gets the time and attention they need, both in the field and the classroom.

Based out of Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel, located ideally near Mesquite Flat Dunes, and with all meals, snacks and beverages included, this is a superb workshop scenario. We hope you’ll join us! For More Details, see VisionaryWild/Death Valley.

Note: Visionary Wild, LLC operates this workshop under a permit issued by the National Park Service at Death Valley National Park.

We will meet in the auditorium at Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel at 1pm on Monday, March 1st. Photography sessions begin that afternoon. Each morning and evening, we’ll be out to photograph first light before breakfast and the evening light before dinner. During mid-day hours, Charles and Tillman will make presentations on advanced seeing, composition and creativity, digital workflow, and maximizing image potential. Critique sessions will follow each day before returning to the field for photography. Friday morning will be the final field session, followed by critiquing until we adjourn by 3:00 pm.