Ansel Adams Gallery - Digital Printing for the Fine Art Photographer

Workshop Status: Full, Waiting List
Date: November 03, 2020—November 07, 2020
Instructor(s): Charles Cramer
Location: The Ansel Adams Gallery Yosemite National Park

These five day workshops include field sessions in and around Yosemite Valley. I have chosen the dates for their photographic potential. May will have the freshness of Spring, with lots and lots of water! The dogwood should also be in bloom. The November dates will feature the wonderful variety of Fall color in the Valley. The sun also stays at more of an angle, creating more interesting light.

The Gallery has just remodeled Ansel's workroom (next to his darkroom) for workshop use, so this is a location with lots of history. And the location in the heart of Yosemite Valley is unbeatable. (A few steps out the door, and there's Yosemite Falls!). The Gallery has a collection of excellent printers, including an Epson 3800 and an HP Z3100.

I’m proud to have taught workshops for the Ansel Adams gallery for 30 years now, covering subjects from Dye Transfer and Cibachrome Masking to the current digital imaging and printing. (...from the darkroom, to "Lightroom"...)

Rooms have been set aside for workshop participants in Yosemite Valley. Photographer Jeff Vadasz will be our full-time assistant. To sign up, or for more information, go to

Subjects covered will include

 — The Master file concept

DIGITAL CAMERA FILES or FILM SCANS — Using Adobe Camera Raw and/or Lightroom and Photoshop, 
Getting the most from your digital capture, 
 What to do in Lightroom—and what to save for Photoshop, 
Using Smart Objects

COLOR MANAGEMENT — Using color management to insure consistent results from monitor to final print, How do I get good profiles for my monitor, scanner, and printer? 
Using the supplied "reference print" to diagnose your own setup and profiles

IMAGE PROCESSING — Recommended techniques for working on files, 
 Photoshop selection tools—tips and techniques, 
Setting density and color balance, 
Retouching, burning and dodging, 
Preparation of files for output to various printers, 
Using the “Smart-sharpening” action script (included)

PRINT CRITIQUES — Can my print be stronger? And what to do to improve it? 
What makes an effective print?
 This is where you learn "when" to do particular adjustments

PRESENTATION — Archival methods of mounting and matting digital prints

Students will get to fine-tune and print using their own images. I will spend time working with each person individually to discuss and refine the adjustments to your image in RAW development and/or Photoshop. You must be familiar with Photoshop, which would include performing basic tonal adjustments with layers or curves, painting on layer masks, resizing, cropping, etc.

This class involves field sessions, so although we devote all our time to discussing, practicing, and then making prints, since we're in Yosemite Valley, we will be making images. This class is very similar to the 3-day Santa Clara workshops in printing content, except we get to make photos, too!