Visionary Wild Workshops, Great Smoky Mountain

Workshop Status: Planned, but subject to Pandemic conditions
Date: April 20, 2021—April 24, 2021
Instructor(s): Charles Cramer and Tillman Crane
Location: Townsend, Tennessee, and Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Visionary Wild Workshops will present a workshop with Tillman Crane and myself, April 13 -17, 2021.

From the Visionary Wild Workshop page:
In April, Great Smoky Mountains National Park comes alive with the elegant rebirth of spring. Redbud and dogwood trees bloom, fragile new pale-green leaves emerge, and fog brings simplicity to the chaotic forest backdrop. This is one of the gems of the National Park System, and along with neighboring Blue Ridge Parkway it represents the highlight of Appalachia. Offering easy access to a wide range of opportunities from expansive landscapes to intimate designs, it’s one of our favorite outdoor photographic “classrooms”. Visiting midweek in spring means no crowds in this, the most visited park in the entire National Park System.

Your instructors are two of the most highly regarded – and down to earth – fine art photographers working today: Charlie Cramer and Tillman Crane. Working in digital color and black & white platinum-palladium processes respectively, both are renowned as master print makers and natural teachers.

Charlie is a masterful artist renowned for landscape photographs that derive their power from their elegant composition and gentle calm. He has returned again and again to Appalachia over the years to draw inspiration from its atmospheric interplay of light, mist, and elegant graphics. Garnering rave reviews whenever he teaches, Charlie enjoys nothing more than sharing his insights, creativity, and craftsmanship with other passionate photographers in an effort to help them refine their own vision.

Tillman’s motto is, “Great photographs can be made in ordinary places.” His distinctive platinum photographs combine 19th-century materials with a 21st century aesthetic. A former photojournalist turned artist, he loves Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Appalachia in general for its combination of nature and fascinating human history. Tillman has been teaching the art and craft of photography for three decades, and his passion for the artform continues to evolve as he embraces modern digital technology while simultaneously furthering his mastery of the platinum/palladium print. The focus of his imagery remains on the unique qualities of light and sense of place in the ordinary, everyday locations where he lives and teaches.

The workshop will be based at Highland Manor Inn, in Townsend, Tennessee, the quietest of the three “gateway” communities accessing the Park with excellent access to field locations. Along with eight field sessions, Charlie and Tillman will present projected lectures and lead constructive critique sessions.

The workshop will begin with an introduction and orientation session at 1:00pm on Tuesday, April 20, followed by the first field session.

Each day, we’ll be out to photograph during the best morning and evening light, following the daily weather conditions to make the most of opportunities. During mid-day hours, Charlie and Tillman will make presentations in the classroom at Highland Manor Inn on composition, light, exposure control, anticipating and working through changing conditions, and essentials of digital image development. A minimum of two constructive critique sessions will provide essential feedback on images created by participants in the workshop.

Saturday morning, April 24, will be the final field session, followed by critique until we adjourn at 3:00 pm.