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Web Articles

Here's a listing and links to some recent articles that I have written for various webpages.

Tough Selections Made Easy
A tutorial I wrote illustrating one of my favorite methods to easily control tones in images. I would be lost without this technique!

Audio interview on Outback Photo website
For those wanting to know more, Uwe Steinmueller conducted a 25 minute interview with me in 2007. Listen to it on your computer, or as a podcast! There are some images of mine posted on the webpage, also.

Luminous-Landscape Video Interview
Michael Reichmann conducted a 30 minute interview with me for his excellent Video Journal #16. This is available for purchase for $9.95 (and also includes an interview with Bill Atkinson, and 30 more minutes of photography-related content). The above links to a free 30 second preview of my interview where I'm showing Michael some photographs.

4x5 Drum-scanned film vs. 39 Megapixel Digital
I compare the PhaseOne P45 digital back to 4x5 film - my conclusions

The P45 39 Megapixel back–It’s even better than we thought!
A follow-up article to the above where I discuss the improvements that different RAW developer software can have on an image.

Magazine Features

Photo Vision Magazine cover
Click on the cover to read an article from the The November/December 2002 Issue of Photovision Magazine
Photo Techniques Magazine cover

View Camera magazine cover Click on the cover to read an article from the January/February 2000 issue of PHOTO Techniques Magazine


Click on the cover to read an article from the November/December 1999 Issue of View Camera Magazine