charles cramer

Comments from Charlie's workshops:

"Can one really make progress towards fine art printing in just three days? Well, take Charlie's intensive and find out. First, do your homework from Charlie's exercises in the course handbook (distributed well before the workshop) and refresh your basic Photoshop skills. Then, in the workshop Charlie will go over each of his techniques to greatly improve your image quality. You will come home with some highly refined finished prints and a new understanding of a fine art printing workflow which will allow you to continue to improve on your own. This is an advanced workshop with a master photographer who communicates the fine art printing process clearly and effectively. Highly recommended."
-Hank Niles Santa Cruz, California

"That Charlie Cramer is a superb teacher is well known and firmly established.
What is less well known perhaps is a crucial and distinguishing core element in Charlie's teaching: he makes it possible for people to make their own pictures, however differing in style and subject from his own work, and to make those pictures better. We have an abundance of capable "master" photographers who give workshops in which you can learn to be a marginally competent imitator of the "master." Charlie doesn't do this. He spends the time to try to understand what picture you're really trying to make- and then, with technique, patient review, clear counsel, a bit more technique and careful re-evaluation, he helps you to make your picture better."
-Jed Wormhoudt  Loma Mar, California

"Cindy and I both send our thanks for a top notch workshop experience. I will be recommending it to all my photographer friends. Your workbook was a joy".
-Charles Fritsch  Bonita Springs, Florida

"Charlie couldn't have been better. He's a gifted teacher - gentle - helpful - makes subject matter clear. Well organized and he covered and completed an amazing amount of information in three days.
-Karl Gregorius  Stockton, California

[concerning the Photoshop Techniques booklet] "It is the best thing I have read about printing in Photoshop. Very few people can write with simplicity and thought for the reader. I love it".
-Tom Upton  San Francisco, California

"Charles is a brilliant instructor. He is organized, precise and thoughtful in approach. Using the handbook pre-class was extremely helpful since going thru it for the second time with Charlie seriously helped retention. I have never attended a workshop where I can go home and fully utilize what I learned."
-Woody Spedden Fort Collins, Colorado

"Any serious photographer that wants to master the making of awesome prints should take this course from Charlie. This was an awesome class and it was also a privilege to learn about Charlie's approach to seeing and making strong images."
-Chris Prestegard  Kapalua, Hawaii

"Everything exceeded my expectations - exponentially".
- Julie Jungers  Portland, Oregon

[concerning the Photoshop Techniques booklet]  "Wow. There is a ton of very, very useful stuff in there. I'm learning a LOT!"
-G. Dan Mitchell  San Jose, California

"Charles Cramer is an outstanding teacher, passionate, patient, and creative"
-Elio Gonella  Seaside, California

"I've attended countless workshops and classes on digital imaging and printmaking and Charlie's classes are some of the best! Charlie is a superb instructor and is a master printmaker. I use much of what I learned from him at my business everyday. His wit, sense of humor, and humility make his classes a real pleasure.
-Mike Chambers, founder, Picture Element Santa Clara, California

"Charlie Cramer is a wonderful guy and a fantastic instructor."
-Ian Reid  San Francisco, California

"I learned as much about making a great print, not merely a good one from Charlie as I did about the digital printmaking process. He's a master photographer and his insights are invaluable."
-Karen Fisher  Milbrae, California

"Charlie is a national treasure as a photographer and an instructor. He is a
master printer and studying with him is the fastest way to making your own
fine art prints."
- Kerby Smith  Coarsegold, California

"Charles' humor adds hugely!"
- Lisa Dennen, Rolling Hills Estates, California


Workshops in 2020

All these workshops have been previously announced

except for Picture Element Workshops in Santa Clara!

Please click on the links below to get more information.

Digital Printing for the Fine Art Photographer

I teach this at two different locations:

Picture Element Logo

Picture Element
Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley!)
Three Day Workshops

(Mistake in email announcement: This class is $1250 (not $1395!)

Ansel Adams Gallery

The Ansel Adams Gallery
Yosemite National Park   -  Five Day Classes


Other Workshops

John Sexton Photography Workshops

MONO LAKE AND THE EASTERN SIERRA: EXPLORING AUTUMN LIGHT, with Charles Cramer and John Sexton, October 13- 18, 2019

A Six-day workshop exploring the Eastern Sierra and Mono Lake.


Visionary Wild Workshops

will present a workshop with Tillman Crane and myself, April 13-17, 2020. Great Smoky Mountains National Park comes alive with the elegant rebirth of spring in the Appalachian mountains on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina. Redbud and dogwood trees bloom, fragile new pale-green leaves emerge, and fog brings simplicity to the chaotic the forest backdrop. This is without question one of the gems of the National Park system! This class was previously announced and is full, but there's a waiting list!