June 7, 2021


(Don't worry—the sound doesn't start until about 9 seconds in)

Brent Heisinger is a superb musician that I met when I was a music major at San Jose State many moons ago. His specialty is composition and has an impressive catalog of compositions for various ensembles.

I often attended concerts by the San Jose Chamber Orchestra, who have performed many of Heisinger’s pieces. In 2012, he wrote a short piano piece and enlisted one of the piano faculty at San Jose State University, Gwen Mok to play and record it. He wanted to create a video with some images of the natural scene. Although I didn’t routinely create videos, I knew enough to do some rudimentary editing.

Brent had definite ideas about what it should look like, and we met several times to work on it. One of his ideas involved blending some closeups of Dr. Mok’s hands into the video, and we met at Mok’s studio to tape that.

This piece has many wonderful mood changes, which Dr. Mok performed to perfection. I am very happy with the finished result.

Brent dedicated this piece to his wife Barbara.