My Show at the Center for Photographic Art

June 11, 2021

My Show at the Center for Photographic Art

In 2010, I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to have a one-man exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art. In the video, I explain the venerable history of this gallery. Since this was a huge show, I wanted to create a video of the exhibition, so I could remember it and share it with others. The gallery is exquisitely appointed, with wonderful lighting and excellent layout.

I’d like to thank Jim Kasson, a friend and a benefactor of this gallery for sponsoring the show. Also, the many people who volunteered to help hang the show—an immense undertaking!

The CPA is still going strong, even during the last few trying years. They are a wonderful resource for photographers, and others who just appreciate the arts. Their website is found at a URL that is the envy of many! So simple, and to the point:

Thanks for viewing my video and please consider supporting the Center.